Design Consultation

We begin by meeting for a design consultation in your home. We want to learn what you like and dislike about your kitchen or bath, and what you imagine the perfect space to be. We will run through possible layout options and architectural details. We also gain an overall sense of your style and how that fits into your home. During this meeting we will review time frame, budget, and design needs.

Research & Development

Armed with all of the details from our meeting, we begin the research and development phase. At this stage, we design the overall feeling of the space and the staple elements that will get us there. We consider style, quality, price, and maintenance in relation to our clients and their homes.

Once we have the initial concept complete, we formulate the costs to execute our design. We then deliver this estimate and design concept to our potential client.

Design Review

Next we meet with you to review the design concepts and the initial budget. This meeting happens in our kitchen and bath design showroom in Arlington Heights, where we run through material options and variations of the concept.

We take our time as we share our vision, explain the process, and answer any questions you may have.

Getting To Work

At this stage, we request a deposit to continue the process. Once received, we begin to draw your kitchen or bath in our CAD system. These drawings become an integral part of the project as they communicate our vision to our clients and trades alike.

During this stage we refine our concept and estimated cost. We focus on our material selections, architectural details, cabinetry layout and the global design perspective.

Final Details

Once the final details are set, we present your final cost and contract. Once completed, we begin the ordering process.

As we wait for materials to arrive we secure the building permit, generate work orders, timelines, and arrange trade visits as needed to prepare for the project.

Project Management

Once everything arrives, we begin the installation. We provide and manage our installers, contractors, trades and everything in between. We handle every detail, and deliver a consistently strong finished product.

We help clients through each step of the process from start to finish. We provide the assurance you need to feel positive about the project.